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For the Pro version of our plugin we offer pagination, which allows you to display a variety of coupons spread over multiple pages.

How to set up the pagination?

General settings

In the plugin settings (Your WordPress Dashboard → Affiliate Coupons → Settings) go to tab “General“.

The “Pagination” section brings the following setting options:

  • Enabling and disabling pagination.
  • How many coupons should be displayed on a page.
  • And lastly the label of the button that refers to the next page.

How do i set up the pagination?



for example:

  • use “true”or “false”
    It has higher prio than “Activate coupons pagination” checkbox in General settings.
  • if any other value is inputted – the attribute is ignored.

For example:

  • if “1” or higher – it has higher prio than the “Coupons per page” setting checkbox in General settings.
  • if you try to set it < 1 – the attribute is ignored.

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