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For the Pro version of our plugin we offer a comfortable and quick way to upload multiple coupons to your site by just uploading csv file prepared in predefined format.

How are these functions used?

In the plugin menu got to “All Coupons“.

Just above coupon table you can see following options related to CSVfile upload:-

Export Coupons: Exports/downloads all published coupons in the csv file.

CSV file : CSV file needs to be in predefined format. Export Coupons button download CSV file in appropriate format. Downloaded file can be updated by adding/updating/deleting coupon informations.

Upload the CSV file using Choose file to locate the file and Bulk Add Coupons button to upload the Coupons.

Few Points to be noted:-

  • Coupon title is must, Coupons are searched and updated based on coupon_post_title field of CSV file.
  • Upload Image and provide image file name in CSVfile or Provide internet url of image in CSV file
  • If more than one entry for Category/Types then enteries must be ‘,' separated.Category/Types must be preexisting before uploading coupon category/type from CSVfile
  • Refresh after upload completes to see uploaded coupons
  • Action does not delete coupons.

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